Ontmoet Nastya op De Wijkse Moestuin

OEKRAÏENSE Fotograaf maakt 100 spontane portretten

Sinds een aantal maanden werkt op dinsdagochtenden Nastya mee met de vrijwilligersploeg. Anderen hebben haar wellicht al ontmoet met de camera in haar hand: deze Oekraïense fotograaf maakt momenteel een serie portretten van 100 spontane ontmoetingen. Ze stelt zich voor. 




I am Nastya Ivashchenko.


I moved to Wijk bij Duurstede last year because of the war in Ukraine. It is very difficult, but I found very kind people here. It gives new meanings, inspires and supports.


I am a photographer. My work is lifestyle portraits, birthing photos, family photos and a lot about motherhood. I find inspiration in nature, it gives energy and fills my heart. I love flowers and garden aesthetics, I love when people are busy with plants. Once last year, I came to buy vegetables from De Wijkse Moestuin and saw a very friendly company of people drinking coffee together and relaxing. That's how I found out that I can become a part of the volunteer team for De Wijkse moestuin. 


This year, my youngest son Kir became more independent, got used to a new language and I was able to start working once a week together with my son. Then I met other volunteers and we became soul mates. Together we plant, clean weeds and do various tasks from Bea. My son enjoys his adventures in the garden while I help. He plays with snails and dry plants. We are happy. And I have a great opportunity to take photos of different flowers.


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